Statistics have proven that reading helps to develop writing skills and writing helps develop and stimulate cognitive growth, organizational abilities, and persuasiveness. In other words, writing powers the brain and this is particularly important during childhood when the mind is rapidly growing.

Scribblitt is a website that helps children create their own books.
“Scribblitt” is a free-to-join website that provides children with all the tools that they need to write, illustrate, and then publish their own hardcover book. Scribblitt is a child-friendly and comprehensive website that virtually provides all the tools needed in order to create and publish a book.

Andrea Bergstein, the founder of Scribblitt, started the company as a way for her daughters to publish their stories. Noting the joy her daughters got out of the experience, Andrea started the Scribblitt website to help other children (and even adults) see their work in print. The company was very successful. At present, even teachers use Scribblitt to create class writing projects and/or publish year-end books.

Recently, Scribblitt partnered with The Molina Foundation to bring books to children in need. The Molina Foundation is a national nonprofit organization focused on reducing disparities in access to education and health. Since its inception in 2004, The Molina Foundation has worked hand-in-hand with more than 1,000 organizations and schools towards this end, donating nearly 3 million books to low-income and at-risk children and families.

Through the “Buy One, Give One” partnership agreement, for every book published using Scribblitt’s unique writing and illustration tools, a new children’s book will be donated through The Molina Foundation. “For children growing up in poverty, books are scarce. In some low-income neighborhoods you can find just one book for every 300 children,” says Dr. Martha Molina Bernadett, founder and CEO of The Molina Foundation. “Scribblitt’s support will help us bring new books to even more children and families in need.”

This partnership extends beyond just a responsible business model. Teachers can tie together lessons in writing, book development and editing with an important message about philanthropy. To enable educators to leverage the platform in their classrooms, educator discounts are available. See details: at

In order to raise awareness of this worthy cause, Scribblitt is offering a “Make Your Own Book” give-away. This offer will be awarded to one lucky reader. To enter, simply tell us what you would do with a free “Make Your Own Scribblitt Book". Email and use subject: “The Examiner Scribblitt Contest.” The winner will be contacted via email by December 1, 2014.

All books created on the website are eligible for entry into “Scribblitt Writing Contests”, often linked to Scribblitt's Celebrity Author interview with an autographed book as the prize. The stories can also be printed in high-quality, hard-cover, 8x8 bound books. A standard printed 20-page book is $24.99 plus tax and shipping and additional pages can be added for a fee. Books usually ship within 8-10 business days in the US and International shipping is available.

For anyone who has a child who loves to write and draw, Scribblitt is a must-see website. For more information visit:

For more information about The Molina Foundation visit their official website: