Once local resident Andrea Bergstein realized how much her children loved to write and draw, she established Scribblitt.com, a website where kids can write, illustrate, and publish personalized hardcover books using unique writing and illustration tools.

“I saw how much my daughters loved to write, story after story. There was so much paper everywhere, always. My younger daughter also loves to draw, even more paper,” Bergstein shared. “Then one of my daughter’s teachers did a year end writing project with the class and cut and glued all of the kids’ writing and drawing into preexisting books in an effort to ‘publish their work.’ Her dedication to helping these kids publish a book was remarkable, but I thought, ‘there’s got to be a better way.’ Three years ago I started Scribblitt to help my kids, and all kids who love to write, create, and publish their own amazing store quality, hardcover books using writing and illustration tools for a professional finished product,” she said. “[Scribblitt] also feature[s] celebrity author interviews, writing contests, word games, and create-your-own stationery.”

Not surprisingly the website appeals to educators as well. In fact, teachers worldwide are now using Scribblitt to help implement class writing projects and rewarding students by publishing their stories.

“I feel it is important to give back and so Scribblitt donates a book to a child in need each time a book is published,” Bergstein noted. “We recently partnered with The Molina Foundation to help support their efforts to provide kids in need with books to read. The Molina Foundation focuses on reducing disparities in access to education and health. Since its inception in 2004, The Molina Foundation has worked hand-in-hand with more than 1,000 organizations and schools towards this end, donating nearly three million books to low-income and at-risk children and families,” she explained.

“Books are vitally important for children to develop literacy skills, language development, concentration, and communication skills. But books are equally important in developing imagination, a sense of wonder, and social skills like empathy,” said Bergstein. “We are thrilled that Scribblitt is providing a way to help kids create professional hardcover books as well as supporting children in need with books to read.”

“For children growing up in poverty, books are scarce. In some low-income neighborhoods you can find just one book for every 300 children,” says Dr. Martha Molina Bernadett, founder and CEO of The Molina Foundation. “Scribblitt’s support will help us bring new books to even more children and families in need.”

“Scribblitt recently made it easier than ever for teachers to help students publish their writing in hardcover, store quality books,” Bergstein informed. “Teachers may simply register for a free Scribblitt account at www.scribblitt.com/login. Fill in the form at www.scribblitt.com/teacherprojects and an educator’s discount code for 10 percent off your class publishing project will be sent by email. A standard 20-page hardcover book is $24.99 plus shipping. And additional pages can be added for a small fee.”

Bergstein lives in Charlotte with her husband, Joey, and two daughters, Tori, a Champlain Valley Union freshmen, and Rachel, a sixth grader at Charlotte Central School.