Publish a story book

This is a lovely fundraiser that encourages pupils to be creative through a collaborative sharing project, even if they can’t be in school. There are many options to explore with your teaching staff, from asking every child to write a one-page story to running a competition for cover designs.

You could publish the resulting collection as an online book and ask for donations, or organise professional printing of books that can be sold to your school community. You could even branch out into ‘lockdown’ poetry anthologies. Consider offsetting the printing costs by asking local businesses to sponsor the books. Depending on the size of your school and number of contributions, you could publish one book or one for each year group or class.

UK-based offers free online resources, and options for parent-funded sales or parent-funded fundraising and sponsorship. US website offers free writing and illustration tools that help bring literacy to life, and allow students and teachers to collaborate online on writing projects. It charges US$24.99 to publish a hardback book, US$16.99 for comics, and US$3 for PDF downloads. FundEd readers can use the discount code SCRIBBLE20 to get 20% off published printable items until the end of 2020.