"You will never know the confidence your site has given my grandson!"

"When covid shut down the schools, we found out how terribly behind this precious special ed kid was.  March of 2020 he could only fit 3 written words on a page. So he and I started stories, I found your site and the rest is just amazing.  This is his 4th book and his “novel” is done and just waiting for us to proof it.  So, long note to let you know how you brought confidence and success to a 10 year old (now 12 year old)."
Warmest regards, Kathy 

"Scribblitt encourages and excites young minds to tap into their already wonderful imaginations!!"

"I have enjoyed using Scribblitt and I am a Grandmother. I can only imagine what this will do for bright young minds looking for a place to write and create. For those children, teachers and parents eager to express themselves through words, give Scribblitt a try!
Susan C. - (Grandmother/Author)

"Our students are so proud of themselves!"

"We published books with Scribblitt as a component of a Special Education Middle School afterschool program. Our students LOVED their books! They are so PROUD of themselves! When their books arrived, they immediately began reading them aloud. I wish I had a video! Their books allowed us to see their creativity and understanding of the theme by the way they captured and guided their story. THANK YOU!" 
Betty G. - (Special Education)

"ALL students are able to become published authors!"

"Scribblitt is a straightforward book publishing program that provides plenty of options to inspire creativity among ALL students. I have been using Scribblitt with my students for the past two years. Since the program is web based, students are able to work on their books wherever there is an internet connection!"
Rick (Teacher, NY)

"Best birthday present ever!"

"My granddaughter enjoys our 'book meetings'. Her story is developing, and as she loves to draw, she invests time at home creating the illustrations, and I upload them onto your site. What a wonderful story for us to have, as we share in this experience together. We are having the time of our lives!!! Such a memory!"
Janis (Grandmother)

"I Love Scribblitt!"

"I'm done with my local print shop! I used to use Staples, but not anymore! Scribblitt makes my passion for writing stronger, and provides tools to help make my school projects very professional!"
Maya (Scribbler)

"I am a happy mom!"

"My daughter chose to write and publish a book for her senior project to donate to kindergarten classes. She fell in love with Scribblitt. Not only will she be donating her books, but knowing that for every book published, Scribblitt donates a book to a child in need through The Molina Foundation, made this choice even more rewarding. Thank you Scribblitt."
Maria (Mom)

"This is such a great program!"

"This is my second time purchasing books and it probably won't be my last. The kids were so happy that by purchasing a book it helped donate a book to a child in need. For the kids I teach to even write, let alone be excited about it, is just wonderful!"
Heather O. (Educator)

"I am definitely spreading the word!"

"The only thing better than the quality of the books is the amazing customer service. Hands down, this is where you want your kids publishing their stories."
Marie B. (Educator)

"Thank you so much!"

"My daughter adores Scribblitt, and I adore your ability to inspire her writing."
Kathy H. (Mom)

"What A Teacher's Dream!"

"There was complete silence, awe and admiration for our little authors and the two girls were sooooo excited when they saw their Scribblitt books.  The books are awesome!!!! Thanks so much!!!  All my students want to write a Scribbllitt book now. What a teachers dream!"
Cathy D. (Teacher)

"Love Your Site!"

"Love your site! As an art teacher, I feel writing and art production can unleash children's creativity like no other."
Denise C. (Art Teacher)

"Young Writers Rejoice!"

"Young writers rejoice! I would have been all over this as a kid."
Beth S. (Homeschool Coach & Consultant, Mom, Teacher)

"Students Are So Proud To Be Published Authors"

"As a 6th grade Language Arts teacher, I love how Scribblitt has brought both Reading and English to life for my students! My 6th graders were beyond excited when their books arrived. Our book project with Scribblitt has been such a great learning experience for everyone!! They are SO proud to be published authors!"
Mary E. (6th grade Language Arts Teacher, Sacred Heart Catholic School)

"Teachers Love Scribblitt"

“I shared your site with my teacher friends...they are ecstatic!  One could not wait to let her children try out Scribblitt on the SmartBoard in her classroom.  Thanks so much for your creation.  Children will be better writers because of Scribblitt.”
~Margaret D. (Retired Teacher)

"The layout is superb!"

“My children write and illustrate their own stories, and now this resource has them even more enthused since they will have an audience beyond family and friends. The layout is superb!”
~Christopher N. (College Instructor/Dad)

"Excellent Tools For Aspiring Writers"

“The Cardinal Shehan Center is extremely delighted to partner with Scribblitt to provide our children with a wonderful opportunity to not only publish a book, but to help enhance their writing and cognitive thinking skills.  Our children will get the opportunity to write about their experiences in our Photography Program, Fitness for Life Program, share creations from our Art Program and journal about our Girls Zone Program. How awesome is that?”
~Lorraine G. (Cardinal Shehan Center)

"My Daughter Loved Receiving A Professional Copy Of Her Story!"

"My daughter so enjoyed creating on Scribblitt, but that was nothing compared to her face when she opened the box to see the professionally printed and bound book!  I have already passed Scribblitt to friends and will spread the news on twitter and facebook."
~Yvonne K. (Mom)

"Amazing Self Publishing Site For Kids!"

"I am AMAZED at your site and all of your wonderful work!! Thank you so much for bringing kids publishing to life and for inspiring me and thousands of kids, parents, and teachers!"
~Amy S. (teacher and mother of 5)

"My Hand Doesn't Get Tired Anymore"

"I love Scribblitt because it normally hurts my hand when I write a lot, and now I can type all my ideas right into a book and it doesn't hurt my hand.  The pictures are also really cool - you can choose different heads and bodies for each character. I have always wanted to write a book and get it published, and now I can!"
~Aly W. (Writer, age 10)

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